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An overseas venture can be a lucrative, but sometimes hazardous, undertaking. Valuable time and resources may be wasted without expert guidance and knowledge of cultural idiosyncrasies, current trends and market realities.

Localisation companies can provide navigation towards international success with a unique combination of project management, linguistics, programming and creative expertise to ensure that your product...

  • feels natural for the foreign end user
  • is intuitive for that culture
  • is fully adapted for the standards and conventions of the intended market

Cross Cultural Success The localisation industry aims to develop products that feel wholly native, are intuitive to the target user and preserve your message in a way that is culturally appropriate. To ensure cross cultural success, localisation companies must pay special attention to the following areas which can vary dramatically between countries and cultures:

  • language
  • humour
  • writing systems
  • perceptions of sound and images
  • symbols and colour coding
  • cultural references
  • etiquette
  • taboos