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Planning Ahead
If you are currently developing a product destined to be marketed internationally, consider the following points during the design stage... Prepare Plan for translation from the very beginning. This will save money and help speed up the localisation process. Try to involve the localisation company from the start so that any translation issues can be identified before they become expensive problems.

Text Expands
Translation into many languages "grow" with respect to the source language anywhere from ten to fifty percent. On average text expands by about twenty-five to thirty percent. For example, a simple button once localised may end up being twice the length when translated properly.

Set Realistic Deadlines
It is important to realise that it may sometimes take almost as long to translate a web site as it took to create the original site.

Separate Graphics and Text
It is often best to keep graphic layers separate from text layers.

Cultural Considerations
Some graphics or colours that are perfectly acceptable or understandable in Ireland, may not be so in other countries. For example, a person outside of Ireland may not understand the relationship between the graphic of a pink piggy bank and your company's savings plan.

When using slang in Web or CD-ROM content, a good localisation company will utilise a translator who can come up with comparative words or descriptions appropriate for that specific language. However, sometimes it is just a better idea to limit the amount of slang used in a product.